Get to Know

We measure our success by our subscribers’ successes, and we recommit every day to the core values that have long set us apart.

Working as One Since Day One

Benchmark ESG™️ | Gensuite® started simply as a suite of Web-based EHS application modules back in 1997. In the nearly 25 years since, we’ve provided best-in-class digital solutions and helped companies worldwide manage safe and sustainable operations — and we’ve earned a global reputation for working as one with each company, treating them as our co-collaborators and partners.

But relying on past successes and early hard work isn’t us.

We strive constantly to make our advanced solutions even better, to unlock value for our subscribers and give them powerful new ways to achieve ESG performance success.

That’s how we’re able to offer the most robust, accurate, and people-focused digital solutions platform in the ESG market.

Our Commitments

To the Environment

At Benchmark, we see environmental stewardship as a sacred duty we all share. That’s why we help our partners minimize their impact by meeting environmental compliance and improving their operational sustainability. And we hold ourselves to the same expectations, reducing our impact through initiatives, projects, and strategic partnerships.

To Our Community

We commit wholeheartedly to strengthening the communities around the world where we live and work. That starts with prioritizing the right actions: Investing our resources. Fostering a culture of diversity and inclusion. And always ensuring the health, well-being, and growth of our employees and their families.

To Ourselves & Our Stakeholders

Good governance is more than just policies, procedures, and accountability. It takes adopting and fighting for ESG’s core principles, and empowering every employee to further their company’s mission. We’re committed to nurturing that kind of culture — and to helping our partners do the same — through digital transformation and continuous innovation.

Making Collaboration Count

We don’t believe in having clients — we have valued subscribers and partners. And the most effective way to meet their specific goals and needs is to hear their voices, ideas, and beliefs. That’s why we engage each partner in a process that’s communicative and fully collaborative.

Awards and Recognition

Benchmark is honored to have received accolades and many industry awards for helping our subscribers reach ESG success.
2021 Stratus Awards
Mobile Cloud Provider
2021 Gems of Excellence
Most Customer Friendly Company of the Year in the Best in Biz Awards 2021 International
2020 Stevie Award
2018 Readers Choice
2018 Innovation & Tech Award
2018 NextGen Awards