Conflict Minerals

Meet Global Demand for Ethical Sourcing of Raw Materials

Streamline Supplier Due Diligence and Stakeholder Reporting with Responsible Sourcing From Benchmark ESG™

Addressing Conflict Minerals regulatory obligations—including meeting supplier due diligence requirements and generating stakeholder reporting with confidence—isn’t easy for companies with complex global operations.  

The Benchmark ESG Stewardship & Responsible Sourcing platform minimizes the burden and streamlines the process for cross-functional teams. Through our award-winning cloud-based Supplier Portal with integrated Conflict Minerals Reporting Template (CMRT) and decision support analytics capabilities, organizations can not only fulfill regulatory obligations but quickly identify and mitigate risk points in the supply chain.  

With the Benchmark ESG Stewardship & Responsible Sourcing platform, you can:  

  • Engage and collect Conflict Minerals information/documentation from suppliers  
  • Automatically generate your organization’s CMRT for your customers
  • Extend supplier due diligence and compliance programs to issues such as REACH, RoHS, Human Trafficking, Supplier Sustainability and more—all within the same solution! 

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