The Importance of Compliance Training Management Software

Laura Denny

The importance of a compliance training management solution lies in providing a centralized system for an employee training & skill development needs to meet operational risk management and compliance assurance objectives. A flexible training management solution is key to provide your team with the tools and information they need to not only be successful in their roles, but also abide by your organization’s processes, expectations, compliance requirements, and safety policies. While workplace training is often required during onboarding of new employees, ongoing training is also critical to stay informed of regulation or operational updates that may dictate changes in their job requirements.   

Benefits of a LMS Software for Compliance Training Management

Housing employee training records in spreadsheets or emails is not only challenging to manage, but also does not provide an easy way of pulling reports to view your team’s training performance. 

By incorporating a LMS in your organization’s continued learning plan, you can digitize and streamline the management of your team’s assignments and further drive employee engagement. A centralized portal provides training leaders with real-time visibility into their employee’s training progress and completion status for easy management and to stay on top of your organization’s regulatory training requirements.  

With a course library of integrated content, you can ensure that the training materials reflect current industry and regulatory updates to address knowledge gaps and help your team to operate safely and efficiently. E-quizzes measure employees on the information they learned and, can also determine if additional training is needed.  

Should I buy a software from a LMS provider, or should I build my own? 

When making this decision, it’s important to keep not only your current and future training management goals in mind, but also verify that the solution is in line within your allocated budget. A key advantage of building a LMS is that you can closely tailor to the compliance training needs of your organization. However, when it comes to the time needed to plan, design, and develop the software, purchasing and importing the training content and obtaining any required licensing, implementation, and ongoing maintenance and content updates this can turn out to be a costly option from an up-front cap-ex and recurring operational expenditure sense.  

Buying your LMS solution from a provider can eliminate the headaches associated with mapping out a product from square one. Most LMS solutions are customizable to match the feature-set and desired functionality you’re looking for while having maintenance and updates taken care of for you.  

Introducing My LMS®: Simplify Compliance Training & Boost Engagement from Every Perspective

Benchmark ESG is proud to announce the release of the newest application module in our Compliance Training Management suite: My LMS®. This project included taking the legacy landing pages from existing Training Tracker application module and enhancing the features and functionality with a refreshed, intuitive, and feature-rich interface for employees and managers alike. Other features include self-enrollment and eTest management. 

A key objective of this new interface is to drive multi-level engagement with specialized functionality organized by role: Learner, Manager, and Training Program Leader. This approach allows for each group to see information that is unique to them and their role as soon as they log in. Learners can quickly filter through assigned, past due and completed trainings, and seamlessly launch into their assigned courses. Managers see a high-level overview of their team’s development and progress upon log in, while Supervisors have an enhanced visual training status summary, as well as integrated reporting for complete visibility of your organization’s training performance. 

My LMS is comprised of an extensive learning library from leading content providers including AICC and SCORM compliant content for best practice and regulatory awareness. With a user-friendly content management interface, users can load their existing content, load or integrate licensed content, or author their own scope-specific content from PDF’s, videos, or PowerPoints. 

Developed with an engaged and active subscriber community, My LMS owes many of its most innovative functionality to the ideas generated within this workgroup. We continue to work closely with our subscribers to develop a robust roadmap of new features to add to the module. 

This comprehensive training compliance solution extends beyond EHS matrix management to include HR, Operations, Legal, Medical, and more. My LMS is here to help you achieve overall training goals with a cross-functional learning portal, the ability to author and upload your own training content, leverage the partner library including VR & Micro Learning engagement, integrated Tableau reporting, and an enhanced course/curriculum management. 

Interested in learning more about My LMS? Visit our MY LMS Compliance Training Software webpage to download the product brief, or contact us to schedule a demo today!