Manage Covid-19 Vaccination & Testing with Ease Across Your Enterprise

Are You Ready for OSHA’s COVID-19
Vaccination Status and Test Tracking for Operational Resilience and Continuity

Implementing a secure digital tracking system for employee Covid-19 vaccination status and testing offers a number of benefits for health & safety and business leadership.

Through the power of technology, you can minimize the spread of Covid-19 in the physical workplace, ensure operational continuity and provide flexibility in the event of future regulatory mandates (such as the OSHA ETS just set aside by the US Supreme Court), as well as establish an integrated, standardized database for scalable Occupational Health data management across your organization.

Explore the benefits of Benchmark’s complete, ready-to-launch digital solution that simplifies tracking for Covid-19 vaccination and testing for workplace risk mitigation and operational resilience.

Simplify Digital Vaccination/Testing Status Tracking & Reporting with Benchmark’s Med Data Module

  • Streamline Covid-19 vaccination recordkeeping by vaccine type and dose number with an established vaccine library and the ability to attach documents. 
  • Report test results by established test type library with attachments. 
  • Integrate with HR for employee / department lookup and reporting.
  • Gain operational insights with a dashboard view of employee vaccination and test status and a built-in library of standard Analytics | Tableau reports.
  • Ensure data security and confidentiality of PII via data encryption and limiting access to authorized users.