Savety Observations

Safety Observations

Savety Observations

Safety Observations Software

Safety Observations supports behavior-based safety software programs for real-time insights into safety risks in the workplace and for promoting safe employee behaviors and work activities!

Safety Observations software integrates with Benchmark’s Action Tracking System, Concern Reporting, and Ergo Facilitator for follow-up actions and assessments. All core application features are augmented by flexible configuration options and powerful extension modules

Software Highlights

  • Establish customized risk categories and associated behaviors and/or conditions for site safety observations​
  • Create customized site observation forms including equipment-specific and site/department/sub-department forms​
  • Designate trained “observers” and individual weekly numerical observation targets​
  • Input/manage translated Risk Categories and Behavior/ Conditions in multiple languages from an online interface​
  • Activate Risk Category & Behavior/Condition pair at a business level or at various scopes in the hierarchy.​
  • Integration with Contractor Safety to track and manage observations of contractors on-site.​
  • Utilize mobile compatibility to record Safety Observations in the field – use with iPads, Windows Tablets, and Android Tablets​
  • Capability to record Safety Observations in preferred local language​
  • Print Safety Observations forms for use in the field​


  • Manage standard list of applicable behaviors and conditions by risk category for use by trained observers​
  • Establish roster of active observers with assigned targets & forms for observations​
  • Access easy to use Mobile / Desktop observation forms, with options to record barriers and feedback provided​
  • Analytics tools to quick identify safety program improvements priorities​
  • Tie-ins for leading-edge safety concepts, e.g., Human Organizational Performance (HOP)​
  • Options for observers to record notes & photos and track follow-up​

Configure And Deploy The System

Plug into the comprehensive Benchmark solution.
Deploy the system in as quickly as 4-6 weeks.
Extend and evolve your programs continuously.


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