Concern Reporting

Concern Reporting

Concern Reporting

Near Miss Reporting Software

Benchmark Near Miss Reporting Software provides open employee access to quickly report concerns or near misses so that compliance teams can manage concern investigation and corrective action assignment.

Concern Reporting integrates with other Benchmark tools to maximize compliance program efficacy – Benchmark Action Tracking System, Compliance, Calendar, Contractor Safety, Incidents and Measurements, and Initial Injury Reports. All core application features are augmented by flexible configuration options and powerful extension modules.

Software Highlights

  • Engage all employees in the reporting of concerns through easy-to-use open-access forms​
  • Notify responsible leadership for concern follow-up​
  • Assign key issues for additional investigation and ensure all concerns have been addressed​
  • Identify systematic trends and leading indicators using charting & reporting features​
  • Escalate concerns to other Benchmark applications for further follow-up (corrective action, incident investigation)​
  • Enable anonymous reporting of concerns & near misses​
  • Multi-lingual options to allow users to work in local language​


  • Report concerns or near-misses observed in-the-field​
  • Automatic notification of site/dept leadership for concern follow-up​
  • Utilize escalation capabilities to ensure proper investigation and corrective actions​
  • Leverage charting & reporting features to identify trends and leading indicators​
  • Gain real-time reporting capability with easy-to-use mobile forms and attachments feature​
  • Utilize offline capabilities on mobile devices for reporting in remote areas​

Configure And Deploy The System

Plug into the comprehensive Benchmark solution.
Deploy the system in as quickly as 4-6 weeks.
Extend and evolve your programs continuously.


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