Training Tracking Software

Gensuite Training Tracking software drives employee engagement with regulatory and best practice training by providing the structure for training assignments, session scheduling, completion/qualification tracking and reporting.

Training Tracker integrates with company HR systems to automate employee location assignment and status (active/inactive, dept. transfers). All core application features are augmented by flexible configuration options and powerful extension modules.

Software Highlights

  • Build a job-applicable and risk-based training matrix to engage employees with regulatory training requirements​
  • Maintain an active facility employee list through automatic updates from HR management systems​
  • Log Completions for training completion tracking​
  • Rollup and Requirement/Completion Status Reports​
  • Manage Multiple Functions (EHS/HR/Legal/Medical/SCM)​
  • Activate non-training engagement types to courses for Acknowledgements & Medical Surveillances​
  • Establish a data feed to Metric Reporting in Incidents & Measurements​
  • Configure system notifications and email settings​


  • Manage Regulatory and Best Practice training requirements through a multi-tiered assignment plan​
  • Maintain an active facility employee list and alert training leaders when there are new, transferred or deactivated employees​
  • Offer multiple training instruction types to engage employees both in classroom or online learning​
  • Provide employees with access to a diverse library of pre-loaded training content licensed from leading content providers​
  • Log completions quickly online or through bar-coding, mobile devices, batch uploads or e-tests​
  • Gain real-time visibility to training plan completion status and qualified employees​

Configure And Deploy The System

Plug into the comprehensive Benchmark solution.
Deploy the system in as quickly as 4-6 weeks.
Extend and evolve your programs continuously.


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