Digitally transform how your organization minimizes and manages risk and compliance.

Solution Overview

Engage team members directly and across the enterprise in effectively managing risk and ensuring compliance, both locally and globally.

The Benchmark Risk+Compliance™ solution platform features powerful tools and digital solutions to help you operationalize the foundation of your ESG programs — to minimize risk, enhance safety programs, increase performance, and deliver on compliance commitments.

Our Solutions


Action & Obligation Tracking

Stay on top of your corrective actions, from start to finish, with our intuitive, easy-to-use CAPA software.

Audit, Inspections, and Regulatory Compliance

Count on advanced solutions that streamline your processes and simplify your audits, inspections, and corrective actions.

Benchmark READY™

An ESG software that’s affordable, built for every company and ready to launch when you are.

Change Management

Put our advanced change management software to work to handle operational or organizational change with confidence and ease.

Chemicals and Hazardous Materials

Reduce your risk and improve compliance by simplifying how you label and classify chemicals and how you communicate hazards.

Contractor Management

Track and manage your contractors with ease and create the safest possible conditions for your workers.

Environmental Compliance

Tighten and streamline the process of managing even the most complex environmental remediation projects. Our software centralizes all the resources you’ll need in a single platform.

Environmental Remediation

From start to finish, make every remediation project easier with fully digitized and centralized resources.

Equipment Compliance and Reliability

Take care of your EHS-critical assets and equipment with confidence, efficiency, and ease.

Incident Management

Cut down on workplace injuries by involving your employees and increasing incident reporting and tracking.

Occupational Health

Take a unified approach toward managing the care of your workers and protecting them from illnesses and injuries.

Permit Management

Simplify the process of obtaining and organizing permits and meeting all the right requirements on time.

Process Safety Management

Improve human safety, reduce property losses, and maintain a stellar reputation with your key stakeholders.

Quality Programs

Meet quality product standards and QMS compliance requirements — all while exceeding your customers’ high expectations.

Risk Management Systems & ISO Programs

Reduce your risk and implement consistent company-wide standards — to guard against loss, fines and adverse impacts.
white, yellow hard safety helmet hat for safety project of workman as engineer or worker, on concrete floor on city

Safety Programs

Reduce your risks, minimize incidents, and put workplace safety first with our award-winning safety management software (SMS).

Security Programs

Maintain a work environment that’s safe and secure for your people, facilities, and assets.

Training Compliance and Competency

Simplify the process of meeting critical requirements and keeping your entire company trained and prepared.

Our Robust Operational Solutions

Benchmark’s solutions suites are full of powerful ESG tools to deliver data-driven insights, streamline your processes and enhance your visibility and control.




Elevate your company’s sustainability efforts with data that lets you set clear expectations and identify opportunities to improve.



Ensure product compliance and make good on your commitments to product sustainability and responsible sourcing.
disclosure reporting tracking


ESG Reporting™

Measure your ESG performance with detailed data and easily disclose the overall value to investors and shareholders.