Innovative Solutions That Tap
ESG Data’s Immense Power

Our cross-functional, cloud-based solutions are designed with your ESG goals in mind. Here’s what makes them so effective and easy to use.

Increased Value and Quality

The robust solutions we create help increase returns for investors and help companies take the best possible products confidently to new markets.

High Efficiency and Productivity

Our solutions streamline your processes and create conditions and cultures where workers feel protected — and perform at a higher level.

Significant Cost Savings

We help you put ESG practices in place that simplify and reduce your operating costs and help you sidestep fines by fully meeting compliance.

ESG Operational Solution Platforms

Our platforms are designed to empower functional and operational leaders, enterprise users and management members and teams.


Measure your ESG performance with detailed data and easily disclose the overall value to investors and shareholders.


Trust the strength of our advanced tools to help you minimize risk and adhere to laws and regulations, ISO standards, and corporate policies through digital management systems for environmental (EHS / HSE / SHE) compliance, employee safety & occupational health, quality, process safety management, equipment safety & compliance, and more. 


Enhance your company’s sustainability performance with powerful solutions made for sustainability tracking, goal setting, reporting, conducting thorough assessments and driving improvements to reduce climate risk. 


Utilize tools that deliver ongoing value and assessment for product stewardship, global supplier risk and sustainability management – including meeting your product compliance and responsible sourcing commitments and maintaining supply chain continuity 

On-Demand Webinars

Get the insights, explore the industry trends and hear from thought-leaders — all at your convenience. Dive into our on-demand webinar series.

Advancements in Process Safety Management

Effectively manager your Process Safety Management program with Benchmark ESG’s digital transformation software suite. Watch the video to learn more!

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