ESG Director-01 (1)

ESG Director

Simplify and Take Charge of ESG Disclosures, Reporting & Performance Management
ESG Director-01 (1)

Unify Your Enterprise, Ensure Investment-Grade Data, and Align with Global Frameworks Through a Single, Easy-to-Use Platform

As stakeholder demands for corporate transparency and investment-grade ESG reporting intensify, many companies are left scrambling to collect and disclose disparate data from across the enterprise. They also struggle to choose between and align with rapidly changing reporting standards—GRI, SASB, TCFD, and the rest—while trying to determine how they’ll effectively manage their ESG programs long term.

ESG Director, built atop the award-winning Benchmark ESG operational platforms for Risk+Compliance, Sustainability, and Stewardship, is the industry’s first holistic digital ESG platform—an enterprise-wide hub of ESG activity. With ESG Director, you’ll not only simplify and ensure the collection and disclosure of investment-grade ESG data, but also have the power to connect front-line activities with organizational objectives.

With ESG Director tied directly to your existing operational solutions and platforms, you’ll be in full control of all ESG activity, from site-level data collection to KPI tracking enterprise wide. Automated processes and data flows, cross-functional collaboration, and real-time visibility will give you the means to achieve a sustained operational impact and ESG performance excellence.

ESG Director<sub style>™</sub>

Align with Global Frameworks, Assign KPI Ownership, and Track Progress with ESG Director from Benchmark ESG

  • Identify the ESG issues that are material to your organization
  • Choose from among 300+ industry-relevant KPIs and map to key reporting frameworks
  • Connect systems, aggregate data, and engage cross-functional teams across the enterprise
  • Automate and manage workflows
  • Collect and disclose investment-grade ESG data with ease in alignment with global standards (GRI, CDP, TCFD, SASB, SBT)

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Discover the Value of a Digitally Embedded ESG Program

With ESG Director, you’ll have streamlined ESG processes, cross-functional collaboration and engagement, a direct line of sight across the enterprise, and real-time analytics. You can satisfy ESG reporting needs and stakeholder requests with ease while minimizing risk and generating business value.

This is going to be incredibly important for us, especially as we think about the ever expanding ESG reporting space . . . [T]he fact that this tool will allow us to not only pull in some of what’s required by the framework, but then also customize for whatever is important to us from an industry perspective, will be great as well.

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